Describing Rhode Island Schools

You will be using on-line data, print data, interviews, and other sources to describe one Rhode Island school in its context. Data sources should be compared and contrasted at the district and state level in order to arrive at meaningful conclusions about the educational context you have chosen. Exemplary reports from last year are available at the General Resources for Context Statements link.


These websites feature quantitative data collected about the area's communities, districts, and schools:
Other sources of information may include surveys and visits; school or district websites; interviews with superintendents, principals, teachers, and students; newspaper articles; and personal visits to the school.
You are required to include citations in APA format for the information that you decide to include in your report.

Step 1: What information should our statements include?

After exploring the various data sites, decide on questions that you need to answer about your school, its district, and its community:
Note: Your final report can include information that is not derived from your initial questions. We will spend two sessions in the Curriculum Materials Library researching with the assistance of a librarian.

Step 2: Draft Context Statements

  • Use the TEMPLATE to begin your context statement. You can preview this format here
  • The context statement should be primarily narrative text supplemented with tables, charts, and images.
  • Juxtapositions of data from different sources should point out unique or typical qualities of the school in its context.
  • All data (quantitative or qualitative, visual or narrative) should be reported in a balanced, purposeful fashion.
  • Your conclusion is important and should be your own and not lifted from the school website.
  • All information should be considered with a critical eye. EXAMPLE: Do the school's NECAP test scores confirm the principal's assertions or are they contradictory? Which do you believe and why?

Step 3: Peer Edit a Context Statement or Two (or Three)

Use the TEMPLATE called "EDC 102 Context Report Rubric" to edit a classmate's report. Each writer will have the opportunity to "tip" editors that make a true difference in their final project, so the more help you give, the more points you can earn. You can preview the evaluation rubric at the end of each report listed to the left.

Step 4: Revise your Context Statement and post it to the wiki.

Context Statement Assignments Fall 2015 (to be determined)

Once you have chosen your schools we will list them here.
Below are examples of schools researched in the past (schools change frequently, particularly in urban districts, so some of these schools may no longer exist under these names).
Urban High Schools
Shea High School, Pawtucket
Central Falls High School, Central Falls
Mount Pleasant High School, Providence
Central High School, Providence
Hope High School, Providence
Classical High School, Providence
Urban Middle Schools
Thompson Middle School, Newport
Jencks Junior HIgh School, Pawtucket
Nathan Bishop Middle School, Providence
Urban Elementary Schools
George West School, Providence
Harry Kizirian School, Providence
Suburban High Schools
South Kingstown High School, South Kingstown
North Kingstown High School, North Kingstown
Portsmouth High School, Portsmouth
Johnston High School, Johnston
East Greenwich High School
Suburban Middle Schools
Deering Middle School, West Warwick
Gaudet Middle School, Middletown
Broad Rock Middle School, South Kingstown
Kickemuit Middle School, Bristol
Suburban Elementary Schools
Quidnessett Elementary School, North Kingston
Hope Highlands Elementary School, Cranston
Tower Street School, Westerly
Peacedale Elementary School, South Kingstown
Rural High Schools
Exeter-West Greenwich Regional High School, E-WG
Tiverton High School, Tiverton
Coventry High School, Tiverton
Burrillville HIgh School, Burrillville
Rural Middle Schools
Burrillville Middle School, Burrillville
Rural Elementary Schools
Charlestown Elementary School, Charlestown
West Glocester Elementary School, Foster-Glocester

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