EDC 102 Schedule Fall 2015

Class Schedule and Assignments

Please remember that each week you will be assigned at least one new article or book chapter on a contemporary or historical topic that impacts public education. As some of these may not yet have been published, they were not listed on this schedule at the beginning of the semester. The updated article assignments will appear at least one week before they are due. Article links will also be provided on the home page.

Topics of Class
Preparation for Class (Listed readings and assignments are to be completed before this class)
#1 –
  • Introductions
  • Syllabus Review
  • Introduction to wiki
  • Active critical reading and annotation
  • What do we already know about public education?
  • Discussion: What are the characteristics of a “good” school? A "good" teacher?

#2 – 9/21
  • Instruction/rubric and assignments for Context Statement
  • Savage Inequalities/Ravitch seminar
  • Group brainstorm questions about schools, communities, districts
  • Developing a policy issues database
  • Discussion: Are American Schools in crisis?
  • Share Expertise Statements
  • FAE Chapter 1: Teaching in a Challenging World
  • Savage Inequalities Chapter 1
  • Linked article
  • Choose 6 significant passages from Savage Inequalities and prepare to explain you choices. Prepare three open-ended discussion questions prompted by your reading.
  • Print linked article and bring to class. Be prepared to question/comment and consider SI in the context of Ravitch's assertions.
  • Explore Rhode Island schools you may want to research. Bring the names of two or three to class.
  • Prepare an Expertise Statement: Describe something you know well and how you learned it (1+ pages; print out and bring to class). Post to wiki.


American Schools in Crisis

#3 – 9/28
We will meet in the Curriculum Materials Library for this class.

  • How do we use evidence to describe a school or community?
  • How do we distinguish credible and appropriate sources?
  • How do we add statistics to our Context Statements?
  • Gathering/sharing evidence about our schools
  • FAE Chapter 2: The Early History of Education in a Changing World
  • Savage Inequalities Chapter 2
  • Linked article(s)

  • Prepare a one-page reflection on your own experiences at the grade level you have chosen for your Context Statement. Compare your school experiences to those of the students in SI. Post to wiki.
  • Investigate the district of the school you have chosen and be prepared to share an overview of the city/town in which your school is located.


Are We Asking Too Much From Our Teachers?
#4 – 10/05
We will meet in the Curriculum Materials Library for this class.

  • Sociological perspectives: Addressing socioeconomic inequities in the classroom then and now
  • Residual effects of historical American educational decisions, practices, and policies
  • Workshop continued
  • FAE Chapter 3: Historical Perspectives of Education
  • Prepare a one-page reflection on FAE Chapters 2 and 3. What did you find most surprising, interesting, or relevant to today's educational contexts? Post to wiki.
#5 – 10/12
  • Share reflections on the essence of education
  • What about the Panopticon is relevant to today's educational contexts? Irrelevant? Is it a matter of opinion or perspective?
  • Context Statement check-in: What obstacles are you encountering as you conduct your investigation? How can we help?
  • The perfect school
  • FAE Chapter 4: Philosophy: Reflections on the Essence of Education
  • Savage Inequalities Chapter 3
  • Linked article
  • Write a brief (1/2-1 page) reflection on FAE Chapter 4. What did you find most surprising, interesting, or relevant to today's educational contexts? Post to wiki.
  • Continue to work on Context Statement
  • Prepare to discuss "The Educational Panopticon"


The Educational Panopticon

note: Open Court is mentioned several times in this essay. If you are interested, here is a link to the program. This link is provided simply as background knowledge:

Last class before freshman midterm grades

  • What are some of the educational policy issues that have developed from competing philosophical orientations?
  • What are the implications of divergent philosophies on classroom practice?
  • Activity: What is my theoretical orientation?
Read: * FAE Chapter 5: Building an Educational Philosophy in a Changing World
  • Linked articles. Be prepared to discuss.
  • Work on Context Statement
  • Choose two or three educational philosophers/schools of thought that appeal to you or match your own feelings about schooling. Prepare a two-page explanation to share with the class. Print articles and be prepared to discuss. Post to wiki.

Short Careers By Choice

Reign of Error (excerpt)
#7 – 10/26
Context Statement due before class. Post to the wiki. Bring laptop to class for peer editing.
  • What is the role of school in society and how do particular interest groups perceive this differently?
  • Developing a policy position on an educational issue
  • Group dynamics N,S,E,W
  • Group policy assignments
  • Peer review/editing Context Statements
  • FAE Chapter 6: The Place of Schools in Society
  • Savage Inequalities Chapter 4
  • · Context Statement complete first draft. Post to wiki.
#8 – 11/2
Final version of Context Statement due. Post to wiki.

  • Share diversity reflections
  • Mini-project
  • Group policy project preparation for CML workshop: Developing research questions
  • FAE Chapters 7 and 8: Diversity in School and Society/Students and Their Families
  • Savage Inequalities Chapter 5
  • Context Statement
  • Prepare a brief (1/2-1 page) narrative of an experience with diversity in your own educational life. Post to wiki.
#9 – 11/9
We will meet in the Curriculum Materials Library for this class.
  • Continuing to develop group and individual research questions
  • Determining credibility of sources
  • Supported online research
  • Independent online research
  • ·FAE Chapter 9: Organizing and Paying for Education

We will meet in the Curriculum Materials Library for this class.

  • Final project preparation and workshop
  • ·FAE Chapter 10:Organizing /Legal Perspectives on Education
  • Savage Inequalities Chapter 6
#11 – 11/23
  • Kozol overview and discussion
  • Education in the media: What's trending? What are the competing agendas dominating the discourse? How do you think this will affect teachers and students - or will it?
  • Perspectives on accountabiity
  • Policy project workshop and last minute questions/practice/issues
  • Find two articles presenting differing viewpoints on a current issue related to education from a reputable newspaper or magazine (online or print). Read carefully, bring to class, and be prepared to take a stand on the issue.
  • FAE Chapter 11: Standards, Assessment, and Accountability
  • Linked article
  • Watch linked video
Prepare for for final SI Discussion. Bring 6 questions you have and 6 passages that you found provocative, confusing, enlightening, or otherwise important. Be prepared to explain the significance of each. Your discussion should also be informed by the video below:

Not Bill Gates

The Shame of the Nation

#11 – 11/30
Annotated bibliographies due today. Post to wiki.
Educational issues presentations
  • FAE Chapter 12: Designing Programs for Learners in Challenging Times: Curriculum and Instruction
  • Prepare for presentations
  • Write a brief synopsis of your group's lesson and reference curricular/instructional strategies (with page numbers) from this chapter.
#12 –12/7
Educational issues presentations
  • FAE Chapter 13: Becoming a High-Quality Teacher in a Changing World
  • Synthesize what you learned from this chapter and the course in general to describe the term "high-quality teacher." Use specific details. Post to wiki.
#13 – 12/14
Reading Day

Final examination

This schedule is for planning purposes only. Assignments are subject to change at the discretion of the instructor to meet developing student strengths and needs. Changes will be added to this schedule as soon as possible and practical; however, it is up to the student to ensure that he or she has up-to-date information on assignments that may be given in class or posted on the home page of this wiki.