Briann Bergin, Hadley Coleman, Madison Dolecky, Emily Atwood, Jillian Feeney

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Dream School Where Dreams Come True
Mary Sheridan, Tasha Moskal, Jessica Altuch, Lindsey Martin, Matthew Kelly, Sarah Carlson, Billy Stiles, Sarah Nolan
Mission Statement—Our goal is to encourage students to prosper in a safe, constructive, and diverse learning environment with experienced teachers that promote creativity and individuality while adhering to high standards of professionalism.
Governance and Leadership—The school is run by an administration that seeks to get advice from teachers first, followed by students.
Curriculum—Classes that better prepare students for college, in addition to classes such as life skills and comprehensive health. Students should be challenged in their course level—AP and lower level.
Instruction—Instructional practice in small classes that encourage discussion based learning, assessed based on participation and knowledge of the subject
Scheduling—School starts at 9, a rotating block schedule with 50 minute classes, guaranteed 30-minute lunch period starting at 11:30, school that lets out around 3, 7-minute break between classes
Equity—Surveys periodically given to kids and parents to ensure satisfaction with what we are learning, guidance counselors that help with more than scheduling.
Space—Bathrooms that are clean, rooms dedicated to certain disciplines, different hallways for different types of classes, multiple floors, grades 9-12 separated from each other, one main cafeteria, a large gymnasium, and an auditorium. Working water fountains.
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