Teaching Styles:
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I. Description

We will go over all sorts of types of teaching styles, including
a. Why a teacher-centered classroom is beneficial?
b. Integration of teaching styles
c. Why are Students Homeschooled and how has it increased over the years?
d. Advantages of Student-Centered Learning
e. What are the disadvantages of Student-Centered Learning?

II. Research Summary

While there is no concrete answer to which method of teaching is best, we looked at different ways of teaching and how a student could either benefit or suffer from that type of teaching. Grant covered the benefits of a classroom dominated by the teacher while Caroline covered the that and how a student may not thrive in such an environment, Jess covered the disadvantages of student centered learning, Lauren covered the advantages of student centered learning, and Dani covered students being homeschooled.

Grant's research showed:
The teacher-centered approach can often be very beneficial. The main reason why I support this type of teaching, is that as a student, all you have to do is sit back, listen, and take notes. This rather old school approach promotes respect from students to their teachers and allows teachers to do what the job is, teaching. Some students may feel as though this approach does not allow them to have creativity in the classroom, however the teacher-centered approach still allows students to form their own judgement and opinions. I included a graph that says students only retain 5% of information from a lecture (totally teacher-oriented) which does somewhat discredit my claims, but other teacher-oriented methods on the list are in favor of what I have said.
Caroline's researched showed:
Teaching styles impact the over all success of the students. A teachers impact is very influential on how the student develops learning abilities and over all development. One teaching style is not the answer however to the best approach. What is important is applying many different teaching styles into one teaching style so that it cant apply to all types of students.
The fact of the matter is that all children learn differently, because all children are different. Some kids are better auditory learners while others are more dependent of a visual type of learning. In order for both of these examples of students to learn properly, the teacher must take into consideration these factors, and apply them to how they approach their teaching methods.
In reference to this, it is concessionary that there are dis advantages to all teaching styles.
Dani's researched showed: Homeschooling is not for everybody. However, many people choose to be homeschooled. I chose to talk about why students get homeschooled. I don't necessarily have a particular side, my approach to this research assignment is to share both sides. Moreover, some of the biggest factors that influence parents to homeschool their child are over-crowded schools, violence, more control over curriculum, and religious beliefs. Researchers have shown that the homeschooling has greatly increased over the years. On the contrary, some think that a parent could be doing their child a disservice if they are not strong in the subject. That is because teachers are trained to teach each subject strongly. Also, they will lack certain skills they need in the real world. Overall, there is a type of learning for everyone.
Lauren's researched showed:
There are many advantages to student- centered classrooms. My research showed that many education systems are working towards directing their school's classroom in a student- center curriculum. Although many of these curriculums are still experimental, they have been proven to be highly encouraged and successful for students that have participated. Research showed that students can be more willing and motivated to attend and participate in class if they have a role in the classroom. Also, there are many claims that say that students are happier in student- centered environments because they are most likely engaging in activities that interest them. Unlike the idea that many people have when they hear of a "Student- centered classroom," there has to be a balance between student and teacher power. It is very important for there to be a close relationship between students and teachers, and teachers have to be there to support and motivate their students. Overall, there is a large benefit to allowing students a voice in the classroom.
Jess's research showed:
Student centered learning has many disadvantages that can negatively effect the way students perform in school. It has been made clear that each student has a certain way of learning and by allowing students to perform on their own and in their own ways can lead to many disadvantages. Research showed that by giving students their own independence and responsibility can lead to missing out on certain discussions, missing class, disengage in conversation, cultural influences, emotional problems, and many more. It also gave some specific examples that explained how student centered learning has its advantages and disadvantages, but I focused more on the negative affects of it. By each student having multiple ways of learning and understanding certain concepts, it makes it hard for students to come to a common ground on learning specific things.

III. Group Product Overview

We will first go through our PowerPoint explaining the different types of teaching. Once we have all gone, we will do a poll of some sort, in which we will see which type of learning style students prefer/ thrive in.

III. Visual Representation

Along with our PowerPoint, or Google Slides, if you will.


IV. Research Questions and Reference Summaries

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