Alexia Williams 9/21/15
EDC 102
Expertise Statement

I consider myself to be a very well rounded individual. It is difficult to pin-point what I am an “expert” in, because I feel that I am passionate about a series of things, however I am not necessarily knowledgeable on an expert level. Intelligence can be expressed in a variety of ways, so I feel that there is no person who is a complete “expert.” Regardless, there are several things that I am passionate about; singing, my faith, and my sister. I will not go into all three of these, however I will discuss my singing.
I was trained as a choral singer beginning at the age of eight. My work has included singing with the Providence Singers, Colbie Caillat, RI Philharmonic, and Billy Harley. My music has allowed me to express myself in ways where I feel most freed and at peace.
At the age of 16, I performed Carl Orff’s Carmina Burana with the Providence Singers under the award- winning conductor, Robert Page. Four months of preparation and one night of absolutely breath-taking music, it was a night that I will never forget.
Music has allowed me to form connections with people that I would not have met otherwise. Having been a very shy young girl, it allowed me to generate a sense of confidence in my ability to do something that calls (positive) attention. I have ultimately been transformed by the amount of opportunities I have received from being so involved with my music.
On an emotional level, music has allowed me to use my voice not only as entertainment, but as an advocate as well. My twin-sister is a deaf individual and I have always been encouraged to be her voice. She does hear with mechanical devices, yet I have been blessed with being able to merge the hearing and deaf world for her, through music.