Anthony Paolo
American Education
ms. Noonan
September 28th, 2015

Experience at the Highschool level

Highschool was a unique experience for me. i felt like there was so much going on in those 4 years in my life filled with all kinds of challenges and adventures. Getting to Highschool as a freshman i was very young and very small and felt like a small fish in a huge pond. I was still a little kid going to school with grown men seniors. I played freshman football which was a great way to get involved and get freindly with everybody including upper classman. I was never a big fan of school and actually struggled in the classroom throughout my four years. I had a hard time focusing and my grades began to drop. for a few years i began to feel stress and anxiety with schoolwork and socially. It was a growing and learning experience for me for the most part. As an upperclassman i was supposed to be looking at colleges and figure out what it was i wanted to do with my life but i really didn't know. i felt like it was all coming so fast. I did ok on my SATs but my grades still weren't really good enough to get into a four year college so i decided to go to CCRI so i could figure things out but still go to school and head in the right direction. At 16 i got my first job at stop and shop and i really enjoyed working. Between playing football working and going to school as a senior i was extremely busy but i loved it. I always had something to do and always had fun. Looking back i could see a big change in me and my life throughout my four years. It was an incredible experience which ij will never forget.