Issues Impacting Elementary School Teachers
Tasha Moskal, Mary Sheridan, Jessica Altuch, Lindsey Martin


1. Descriptions of Problem or IssueRESEARCH QUESTIONS
a. What are strategies for inclusion in an elementary school classroom?
b. How does the use of creativity affect a child's academic development?
c. How does socioeconomic status affect elementary student's?
d. How does obesity affect academic development?

2. Research Summary
Our research focuses on the issues that a teacher would be faced with in an elementary school classroom. Mary's research examines strategies for inclusion of students with disabilities in a general classroom. She goes into detail about the importance of collaboration between different teachers and the students' families, teaching strategies such as co-teaching, general classroom supports, supports provided to the students, and the impact iPads have in the classrooms. She also touches upon the importance of recognizing that each student is different and therefore making individualized classwork is a critical aspect in an inclusive classroom. In order to individualize classwork for each student, the classroom and teaching team must be properly formatted and equipped. It is important to have healthcare professionals, physical therapists, occupational, therapists, and speech pathologists in reach. Also, the students must be provided with whatever gadgets and materials necessary to ensure they are getting the best education possible. Tasha's background information looks into the affects of how art and music play into the academic development of the child. The research shows that music helps cognitive thinking, creativity, as well as focus and concentration. Music is bringing the information to life creating a deeper meaning and understanding for the student. Jessica's research focuses on the strong relationship between student's health and school performance. The issue of obesity and the affects obesity has on elementary students is caused by many external factors. For example, physical education programs, health education, school health services, nutrition informative programs, and counseling are all components that influence the academic performance of student's. Lindsey's research focuses on how poverty and homelessness affects development and learning of elementary students. The research shows that has a large effect on the outcome of students' performance in school. They are less likely to succeed because they do not get the help and motivation they need at home for various reasons. Although some may naturally excel in their school life, they don't have the tools and resources to help them succeed later in life such as high school and college.

3. Group Project Overview
Our group will give a PowerPoint presentation which will discuss social, cultural, health, and political based issues revolved around the education of elementary students, as well as the how the teachers will be affected by these certain issues. We will be ending our presentation with an activity to asses our peers in the classroom, which we will do through a game of Jeopardy.

4. Visual Representation
Screen Shot 2015-11-16 at 5.52.35 PM.png
5. Annotated BibliographyHow does the use of creativty affect a child's academic development? -Tasha Moskal
What are strategies for inclusion in an elementary school classroom?- Mary Sheridan

How does socioeconomic status affect elementary students?- Lindsey Martin

How does obesity affect academic performance?- Jessica Altuch