How Can Education System Implement the LGBTQ Community into Schools?

I. Description of Problem or Issue

The debate about the LGBTQ community has been controversial topic in the U.S. Taking a look at the educational system, there is a diversity amongst students. The LGBTQ students are seen as going against the social and gender conformity, which the other students and the outside community are non-accepting towards their preference. Being gay is not the issue, it is the fact that people choose to label them as outside and not seeing them as normal people. In our research, we are encouraging LGBTQ students trying to fit in their schools. The LGBTQ students are being harassed by their fellow students who causing great harm towards them. In today's society in which activism is a big part of the U.S., the educational system should be responsible of making the appropriate decision of helping the LGBTQ students.

II. Research Summary

Our research touches upon the different aspects of the LGBTQ community and their role in today's education. Johnny's research examines the family's role of supporting their LGBTQ children. The research will provide the necessary closure and support that children come to receive from their parents, friends and family. Steven's research will examine if the school will help integrate the LGBTQ community, and if so how they do it. This research will provide how this issue is being solved and being helped in today's public schools.

II. Group Product Overview

  1. In the beginning of the presentation, the group will presenting a PowerPoint that cover all of our three questions. The PowerPoint will be summarizing some of the information that we have come across during our research.
  2. By the end of our presentation, we will plan a activity towards the audience. Will will provide them with a scenario and we will ask the audience about what they would do in given the situation.

III. Visual Representation

The PowerPoint will be the visual and be shown during the presentation.

IV. Research Questions and Reference Summaries

How will family play the support role for their children?: Johnny Sok
How does being part of the LGBTQ community effect education and school experiences
Do public schools have groups for the LGBTQ community, and if so what are they and how are they effecting the school? Steven Griffin