In a group of 5-6 students, you will design your dream school. Imagine within reason that funding is not an obstacle.

Consider everything you know about school as well as everything we have read so far this semester, particularly the most recent readings (Chapters 4 and 5 of FAE, Chapter 3 of Savage Inequalities, and “The Educational Panopticon” ). Be sure to address the following areas:

Mission Statement: What is the point of this school anyway?

Governance/Leadership: Who runs things and how?

Curriculum: What do you want to teach?

Instructional Practice: How do you want to teach it?

Scheduling: What does the day look like?

Equity: How will you ensure that all students are getting what they need?

Space: How is space allocated and utilized?

Prepare a written manifesto about your school and why it is different from the norm (or not), answering all of the questions above. On the whiteboard, draw a detailed physical sketch of your school to help the class conceptualize your vision. Take photos of your written manifesto and your sketch and post them here. Be sure to put your names on your work.